Africa Climate Summit 2023

September 2023, 4th-6th | Nairobi, Kenya

Theme: Driving Green Growth & Climate Finance Solutions for Africa and the World

Join us for the Africa Climate Summit/Week as we seek to leverage the platform to rally African governments, funders and other stakeholders for a unified African position on climate and health ahead of COP 28.


We are advocating for mainstreaming of health in global climate change talks, and your voice can make a difference. We invite you to the climate-health advocacy community by sharing the messages below with your audience.  Together, we can save the lives of our communities from the devastating impacts of climate change.

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Key Messages and Tweets

As the world grapples with the pressing challenges of climate change and health, the need for driving green growth has never been more urgent than now. We must ACT NOW to drive climate action for health in Africa. #ACS23 #AmrefAtACS23 #ClimateHealth

Climate finance solutions has emerged as a beacon of hope, especially for Africa which is vulnerable to the devasting health impacts of climate change. #ACS23 #AmrefAtACS23 #ClimateHealth

We need to leverage innovative financial mechanisms and foster international cooperation to pave the way for a more resilient, sustainable and prosperous Africa. #ACS23 #AmrefAtACS23 #ClimateHealth

Green growth presents a holistic approach to economic development that balances economic progress with environmental protection as well as social wellbeing that Africa must tap into. #ACS23 #AmrefAtACS23 #ClimateHealth

Do you know that green growth and climate financial solutions emphasize the centrality of sustainable practices, circular economies and low-carbon technologies? #ACS23 #AmrefAtACS23 #ClimateHealth

Africa with its vast natural resources and diverse ecosystem holds immense potential for green growth and climate action. We must harness the abundant solar energy, tap into the wind resources and invest robustly in sustainable agriculture and forest management. #ACS23 #AmrefAtACS23 #ClimateHealth

When African countries prioritise green growth strategies, the potential to stimulate economic growth and development is evident. We must work on minimizing carbon footprints to mitigate climate change and its associated impacts. #ACS23 #AmrefAtACS23 #ClimateHealth

Africa is destined to be a pinnacle star of the 21st century, but it's being held hostage by financial constraints to implement its climate and health strategies. The need for collaboration is key to realizing this dream! #ACS23 #AmrefAtACS23 #ClimateHealth

Cross-sectoral collaboration is central in unlocking funding, infrastructural, and technical capacity development opportunities for strengthening resilience of health systems in Africa to handle climate shocks. #ACS23 #AmrefAtACS23 #ClimateHealth

Africa should invest in early warning systems to help with crisis preparation and preparedness, helping to save lives, reduce impacts on health systems, as well as preventing financial losses. #ACS23 #AmrefAtACS23 #ClimateHealth

The existing health systems in Africa are already under strain and must be strengthened to cope with the additional public health impacts of climate change. #ACS23 #AmrefAtACS23 #ClimateHealth

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