World Water Day 2023

April 4- 8, 2022

Theme: Accelerating Change to Solve the Global Water and Sanitation Crisis

We are glad to join the world in marking World Water Day, 2023 themed: Accelerating change to solve the global water and sanitation crisis. We believe that access to quality, safe and clean water should not be a preserve of the few but a right for all – the need for collaboration in accelerating efforts to addressing global water and sanitation stress is more urgent now than ever.

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George Brian Community Health Assistant shares his best wishes for #WHWWeek2022

Message to policy makers by Paul Otieno Clinical Officer Homa Bay County #WHWWeek2022

George Brian sharing his experience as a health worker during the commemoration of the #WHWWeek2022

Susan Atieno, a Peer Mentor, shares her messages for the 2022 Health Worker Week

George Brian, a Community Health Assistant - Migori County, sends a message to policy makers as the world commemorates #WHWWeek2022

JIBU Esstential COVID 19 Course for Health Workers in Africa

JIBU COVID 19 Course Experiences from Health Workers in Uganda

The need to strengthen the health workforce and build back better systems to support health workers continues to be critical and takes centre stage as we celebrate health worker week. Here are some insights from Dr Githinji Gitahi. @daktari1

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It is #WorldWaterDay! We understand that, without clean, easily accessible water, families and communities are locked in poverty - children drop out of school, and parents struggle to make a living. Let's accelerate change to address the global WASH crisis. #AmrefWASHImpact

Climate change has exacerbated water crisis in many parts of the world, Africa is not exempted. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

A majority of people in low middle-income countries currently are not able to access clean and safe drinking water. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

Unpredictable rainfall and drought conditions has resulted to the reduction of water sources – a harsh reality to many. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

We must address water mismanagement at the community and household levels to help address water shortage. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

Governments and private sector should work together to invest in water management interventions and systems to cushion the people from water crises. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

Protecting water sources ensures that communities have clean and safe water for both commercial and domestic usage. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

The persistent drought has made water scarcer, affecting the hygiene and sanitation of people especially those living in ASAL areas. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

Floods in areas experiencing drought often results to outbreaks of diseases such as cholera; a threat to hygiene and sanitation to the communities. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

Failure to treat or boil drinking water may result to health complications, some sources of water used at the community/household levels are contaminated. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

Inadequate supply and access to water has complicated the sanitation interventions put forth by governments to curb the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, especially to people who are hard hit by drought. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

We must invest in water harvesting mechanisms such as building dams to accelerate access to clean and safe water for all. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

We must involve all stakeholders to map out the current water challenge and work on desirable solutions to mitigate the crisis. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

The need for addressing behavior change is central to managing water. How can we avoid wasting water at the household level to allow water access to all? #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

It is not just about access to water and sanitation facilities, but, rather, access to quality, safe and clean water and sanitation for all. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

Addressing climate change and poor management of water resources and services is critical to tackling Africa’s water stress. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

Water management is key for sustainability particularly at the source point. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

We must reconsider our farming behaviors to avoid polluting water sources which eventually compromises the hygiene and sanitation levels. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

Lack of access to water has resulted to suffering among women and girls who shoulder the brunt of harsh realities – walking long distances in search of water, compromising health and education seeking behaviors. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

Climate change is affecting water access and availability for people around the world, causing more severe droughts and floods. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

We must empower the community on the need to conserve water - water harvesting to help cushion them against drought seasons. #WorldWaterDay2023 #AmrefWASHImpact

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