International Women's Day 2022

Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

IWD is commemorated in many countries world over to recognize women for their achievements. It first emerged from the activities of labour movements at the turn of the twentieth century in North America and across Europe. Over time, the celebrations gave rise to a growing international women’s movement which advocates for women’s rights and involvement in political and economic decision-making positions. The day was recognised by the United Nations in 1977.

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Applauding women in health leadership


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Applauding African women who #BreakTheBias

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It is #IWDay, 2022 themed “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” We believe that, in order to forge a gender equal world, we must recognize and celebrate women’s achievements in all fields and at all levels while at the same time calling out gender inequities. #Amref4GenderEquality #BreakTheBias

Women form the foundation for both family, community, national and regional development. We need to #BreakTheBias by creating an enabling environment for them to thrive #Amref4GenderEquality #BreakTheBias

Breaking the bias is a key ingredient to achieving gender equality at all levels of human engagement. #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

Through concerted efforts, we must end harmful and retrogressive cultural norms and practices such as FGM/C and Child Marriages that have for a long-time hindered women in reaching their full potential and growth. #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

The role of women can’t be over emphasized, especially during the #COVID-19 pandemic. They have been on the frontline, protecting families and communities from the overwhelming effects of the pandemic. #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

IWD2022, offers a great opportunity to rethink gender biased policies that have always locked out women from decision making platforms #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

Friendly and gender sensitive work spaces, offer ideal environments for women to do their work positively to help realize great organizational results. #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

Men should be sensitized and educated on the need to support women at the family level. The equality expressed at the family level, transcends to other spheres at the community and national levels. #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

Traditionally, women were seen and viewed as inferior. This is wrong, women are the most powerful creatures to have ever lived on this planet. #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

Institutions and other recruitment bodies should offer equal opportunities to both men and women. This will help #BreakTheBias and reduce the dependency ratio, as initially witnessed in the community #Amref4GenderEquality

Education is the greatest weapon and gift to any woman. Allowing women pursue Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related programs is key for it allows them to compete favorably on global platforms. #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

Women voices should be known and heard especially on matters, sexual reproductive health. #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected women, subjecting them to gender based violence and other forms of abuse. We must stand together to protect the women. #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

African governments, through respective authorities should develop structures that allow women to seek support and guidance. #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

Women rights are human rights. In the quest for gender equality, we must work to ensure that their rights are safeguarded. #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

Amref Health Africa has integrating gender as a cross-cutting issue in all projects, programs, and internal systems and processes as part of the organizational strategy to promote equality #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

Amref Health Africa in Kenya started working to end Female Genital Cutting/ Mutilation in 2009 by rolling out the community-led alternative rite of passage (CLARP) program in Kajiado County #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

Amref’s CoE has the mandate of initiating and catalyzing multi-sectoral action, collaboration and building partnerships that help accelerate FGM/C abandonment in Africa. #BreakTheBias #Amref4GenderEquality

Community champions play a key role in the fight against FGM. Here is a sample of Community Voices promoting Alternative Rite of Passage to FGM



Dr Rispah Walumbe discussing matters related to UHC in Africa.

Melanie Gathoni (a young mother) speaks about the consequences of teenage pregnancy:

Caroline Chepkemboi on innovations that can be employed to curb teenage pregnancy:

How preventable diseases such as nodding syndrome is impacting the lives of girls and women, case study of South Sudan:

Continued Provision of Essential Health Care Services to the Most Vulnerable in Tanzania:

Community health workers (Repha Kutai) in the frontline to fight #COVID19 pandemic:

Amref Health Africa in Uganda #Vaccination4All Campaign:

Applauding African Women Heroes: International Women's Day, 2022 #Amref4GenderEquality #BreakTheBias

We believe that, in order to forge a gender-equal world, we must recognize and celebrate women’s achievements in all fields and at all levels while at the same time calling out gender inequities. #Amref4GenderEquality #BreakTheBias

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