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The Power of CHWs

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Amref advocates for recognition and remuneration of #CHWs to optimize their contribution to the health of girls and women. The #ThePowerOfCHWs #AmrefWD2019

#CHWs provide health education & referrals for a wide range of services, support & assistance to communities, families & individuals with preventive health measures & gaining access to appropriate curative health & social services. #ThePowerOfCHWs #AmrefWD2019

#CHWs act as a bridge between providers of health, social and community services and communities that may have difficulty in accessing health services. #ThePowerOfCHWs #AmrefWD2019

The @WHO recommends providing practising #CHWs with a financial package commensurate with the job demands, complexity, number of hours worked, training & roles that they undertake. #ThePowerOfCHWs #AmrefWD2019

#CHWs provide preventive health services at the household level on a range of health issues: family planning, breastfeeding, HIV risk factors & measures to prevent transmission, control & treatment of infectious diseases etc. #ThePowerOfCHWs #AmrefWD2019

#ThePowerOfCHWs bring health care to where people live and work, especially hard-to-reach and marginalized communities. #AmrefWD2019

#CHWs promote better health for girls and women at the household level: contraception, immunization, antenatal care, male involvement in mother and baby health…and so much more! #ThePowerOfCHWs #AmrefWD2019

#CHWs help grow the economy. Investing $1.00 USD in a community-based health workforce in sub-Saharan Africa can produce an economic return to society of $10.00 USD. #ThePowerOfCHWs #AmrefWD2019

Effective health workforce strategies include education & deployment of a diverse & sustainable skills mix, harnessing in some contexts the potential of #CHWs operating in interprofessional primary care teams’ @WHO. #ThePowerOfCHWs #AmrefWD2019

For more than 40 years, #CHWs have been globally recognized by the @WHO as a vital element of primary health care, coverage, and consequently, a significant component to #UHC in Africa. #ThePowerOfCHWs #AmrefWD2019

While there is robust evidence that #CHWs can improve health and well-being of households, less attention is given on the need to integrate them in the formal health system. #ThePowerOfCHWs #AmrefWD2019

#ThePowerOfCHWs -They live in the communities they see, they feel, they serve, they grew up with community members, they know what communities needs are #AmrefWD2019

#ThePowerOfCHWs – If #CHWs can have significant influence in health promotion and diseases prevention behaviours including early referrals and treatment adherence at the lowest household unit…why not invest in #CHWs as well? #AmrefWD2019

#ThePowerOfCHWs – #CHWs Bridge the gap between their communities and the formal health system. Their role is to ensure no one is left behind and everyone has access to quality and affordable primary health care #AmrefWD2019

#ThePowerOfCHWs – #UHC remains a distant dream without substantial investment in #CHWs #AmrefWD2019

#ThePowerOfCHWs – Primary health care needs to recognise the vital role played by #CHWs in order to achieve Universal Health Coverage in Africa. #AmrefWD2019

Why are #CHWs left to work without payment? In many countries, #CHWs are not recognised in the formal health system. Because of this, the work of #CHWs is often done on voluntary basis or with very little pay. #ThePowerOfCHWs #AmrefWD2019

To ensure that integrated community health programs are included in national #UHC strategies, @Amref and partners create commitment among governments to include community-based primary care indicators in country reports on #UHC. #ThePowerOfCHWs #AmrefWD2019

#ThePowerOfCHWs – For Africa to achieve significant impact in Universal Health Coverage, there’s need to put in place the right policies and laws to integrate #CHWs into the Health Workforce.

#ThePowerOfCHWs – #CHWs are part of the interdisciplinary workforce in many countries. They provide particular roles in primary health care and essential public health functions@WHO. The #PowerOfCHWs #AmrefWD2019

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