World Immunization Week

24-30th April 2022

Theme: Long Life for All

This year’s World Immunization Week is celebrated between April 24 and 30th 2022 under the theme “Long Life for All.” It underscores the collective action needed, and to promote the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against diseases.


Amref Health Africa remains committed to addressing barriers to achieving vaccine equity by working with different African governments, communities and development partners to strengthen in-country health systems, public policy influence, and accountability to ensure that remote communities and minority/marginalised groups have access to life-saving vaccines. Amref Health Africa is also at the forefront in using innovative ways to deliver vaccines to unreached and unvaccinated communities in need across the continent.

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A lady speaks after receiving her COVID vaccine at the Kasanda clinic in Uganda

Amref Health Africa led COVID 19 vaccine camps reaches to hundreds of Ugandans

Ms Kirunga ED, Amref Health Africa in Canada at a COVID 19 vaccine camp in Uganda

Amref Uganda speaks about COVID-19 vaccine clinics

Regional Immunization Lead in Uganda speaks about vaccinations

World Immunization Week 2022 - Impact of COVID-19 on Immunization Progress

The Impacts of Immunization on Health - #WorldImmunisationWeek2022

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Amref Health Africa is at the frontline in supporting deployment of #vaccines in Africa. Follow @Amref_Woldwide for a comprehensive and up-to-date information about vaccines. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Vaccines have: 🛡️ Protected us for over two centuries 🦠Eradicated smallpox 💉Driven down polio cases 😷Prevented severe #COVID19 infection & so much more! This #WorldImmunizationWeek, we must ensure the most vulnerable have access to these life-saving tools. #LongLifeForAll

Immunization is one of the most successful public health interventions. However, #COVID19 has strained health systems, with 23 million children missing out on vaccination in 2020, 3.7 million more than in 2019 -the highest number since 2009 #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

DYK? In 2020, about 113 million infants worldwide received 3 doses of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP3) vaccine, protecting them against infectious diseases that can cause serious illness and disability or be fatal. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

Over the years, immunization has stopped epidemics of once common infectious diseases such as measles, mumps and whooping cough. It has successfully aided the eradication of diseases such as polio and small pox. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

According to @WHO vaccination has been proven to be responsible for the prevention of 4-5 million deaths every year, in all age groups. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

#DYK Diseases such as Cholera, Hepatitis, Malaria, Measles, HIV-1, Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Tetanus, Rotavirus, Yellow Fever, Meningococcal meningitis, Herpes Simplex Virus, Influenza, COVID-19, Schistosomiasis Disease, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Paratyphoid fever, Rabies, Human papillomavirus (HPV), Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and many others are preventable through vaccine. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

Over the years, immunization has stopped epidemics of once common infectious diseases such as measles, mumps and whooping cough. It has also successfully aided the eradication of diseases such as polio and small pox. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

In commemoration of #WorldImmunizationWeek, make sure your infant, child, or teen is up to date with recommended vaccinations. Adults may need certain vaccinations depending on their age and health history. Ask your doctor today if you & your family is up to date #LongLifeForAll

Every adult should get a pneumococcal vaccine. They protect against pneumonia & are recommended for adults over 65. It may also be recommended that adults under this age be vaccinated if they have certain chronic health conditions. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

#COVID19 reminds us that viruses know no borders, which is governments MUST invest in life-saving vaccines for everyone, everywhere. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

Understanding communities’ perceptions and needs is key to adapting interventions that redefine the strategies on the ground and the advocacy processes necessary to ensure that immunization campaigns and vaccines reach the most vulnerable. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

During #WorldImmunizationWeek, we celebrate the power of vaccines and fight for increased access. #HPV vaccines prevent most forms of #CervicalCancer. Vaccinating 90% of young girls can lead the way to eliminating cervical cancer for all time.

Every year, vaccines 💉 protect millions of children 🧒🏻👦🏻 from life-threatening diseases like polio & malaria, among others. This #WorldImmunizationWeek, let’s promote timely & repeated 🔁 vaccination & use the power of vaccines to give every child a safe & healthy future. #LongLifeForAll

Universal access to vaccines gives people a fair shot at a healthier future, free from the threat of preventable disease. Vaccines will help us end the #COVID19 pandemic. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

Oral cholera vaccines (OCV) play an important role in bridging outbreak response and long-term cholera control. With OCV, we can stop the spread of cholera long enough to improve water, sanitation, & hygiene (WASH) infrastructure, which can help us #EndCholera for good!

#WorldImmunizationWeek is an important moment to highlight the amazing fact that #vaccines yield up to a 44-fold return on investments & avoid an estimated 2-3 million child deaths per year. #LongLifeForAll

Routine immunization is a building block of strong preventative health care and is crucial to help set children up for a healthy start. Talk to your child’s doctor this #WorldImmunizationWeek to learn more.

Measles: a highly contagious disease caused by a virus - resulting in high fever and rash, and can lead to blindness, encephalitis or death. Great progress has been made to tackle measles through immunization. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

Polio is a highly infectious viral disease that can cause irreversible paralysis. As a result of immunization, Polio has been stopped in all countries except for Afghanistan and Pakistan. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

Rotaviruses are the most common cause of severe diarrhoeal disease in young children throughout the world. Rotavirus vaccine was introduced in 114 countries by the end of 2020, including three in some parts of the country. Global coverage was estimated at 46%.

Rubella is a viral disease - mild in children, but infection during early pregnancy may cause fetal death or congenital rubella syndrome, which can lead to defects of the brain, heart, eyes, & ears. The vaccine was introduced in 173 countries by 2020 with global coverage of 70% #LongLifeForAll

Parents can worry less about their children suffering from devastating diseases that once plagued past generations because of vaccines. For the past two decades, more than 1.1 b children were immunized, saving 4-5 million lives each year & helping to reduce child deaths by half. #LongLifeForAll

No one should die from a preventable disease. Routine immunization has saved lives for generations and will continue to save lives far into the future. A #LongLifeForAll starts with access to vaccines. #WorldImmunizationWeek

The world immunization week is critical to ensure that individuals and communities are protected from the vaccine's preventable diseases. Promoting long life for all! WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Vaccination is a simple, safe, and effective way of protecting you against harmful diseases like COVID-19, Measles, Yellow Fever etc. WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Vaccines work by strengthening the immune system, they trigger the body to produce antibodies to cushion it against inversion by viruses and pathogens causing germs. WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

#DYK that vaccines reduce your risk of getting infected with a disease by working with your body's natural defense mechanism that builds up protection? WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Immunization is paramount to healthy growth throughout life and at different ages, from childhood – to teenagers – to old age. WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

When you delay getting your vaccinations, you are increasing the risk and chances of getting seriously ill when infected with a virus or pathogen. WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Don't wait until you are exposed so that you get vaccinated, do it early enough to allow your body good time for the vaccine to work. WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Some of the diseases that we are immunized against include; cervical cancer, polio, yellow fever, cholera, COVID-19, influenza, measles, rabies, rubella, tetanus, typhoid etc. WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

#DYK that, immunization is a great component of PHC and an indispensable human right? WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Vaccines play a central role in the prevention and control of infectious diseases outbreak such as COVID-19, Ebola, Cholera etc. WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Despite the tremendous progress made, many people around the world, including approximately 20 million infants each year have insufficient access to vaccines (WHO). WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Immunization plays a central role in achieving the SDGs, specifically SDG3, "Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being of all at all ages" - WHO. WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Vaccines are critical tools to fight against emerging and re-emerging infections like Polio, yellow fever, cervical cancer etc. WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Pathogens and viruses are not bound by national borders; local or international mobility of people can rapidly spread infections, underpinning the need for immunization/vaccination. WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

The ever-increasing urbanization poses a threat to quality living. A dense population increases the likelihood of infectious disease transmission and outbreaks. WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Government ministries of health - policy formulations teams should ensure that immunization programs are made an integral part of primary health care to achieve universal health coverage. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Effective, and efficient immunization services should be made accessible to all people as an essential part of strengthening systems for primary health care, towards attaining universal health coverage. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Governments should build resilient and comprehensive vaccine-preventable disease surveillance mechanisms as a component of the national public health surveillance system, supported by strong, and reliable laboratory networks. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

We need to work collaboratively with the government and other stakeholders to ensure the availability of, adequate, effective, and sustainable health workforce needed to facilitate the immunization programs. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

There is a need to create a sustainable environment for effective coordination, financial management and performance monitoring at every level of the immunization process. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Strengthening vaccines supply chains is critical to ensuring that high-quality vaccines are available in the right quantity, in the right place and stored and distributed under the right conditions. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

There is a dire need to strengthen the health information system to allow health workers and decision-makers to generate reliable and high-quality, "fit-for-purpose" data to help manage immunization programs. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Immunization programs should be designed and tailored to be people-centered effectively address the immediate needs of the people and communities. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Vaccination is a safer way to help build protection against diseases such as polio, COVID-19, among others. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

From the COVID-19 experience, all vaccines currently available have been shown to be highly effective at preventing the disease. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Getting vaccinated protects people around you, particularly people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Vaccination helps to protect you by creating an antibody (immune system) response without having to experience sickness. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

COVID-19 vaccination is an important additional tool to help stop the pandemic. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Vaccines will work with your immune system, so it will be ready to fight the virus if you are exposed. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Stopping a pandemic requires using all the tools we have available, COVID vaccine is an additional tool in stopping the effect of the pandemic. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Health workers play important roles in COVID-19 vaccination as vaccine recipients, vaccinators and health educators, trusted advocates, and representatives to the community. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Looking for information about #Vaccination process for COVID-19? Visit Amref’s #COVID19Vaccination Information Centre to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information about #COVID19VaccineInAfrica. Stay informed! #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

You can now access free downloadable resources for community awareness creation about #COVID19Vaccine from the Amref #COVID19Vaccine Information Centre. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Using #Leap, Amref has trained health workers on administration procedures for vaccines such as for COVID-19, Polio, Yellow-Fever, among others. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Amref has consistently supported Ministries of Health in Africa and WHO during outbreak interventions including facilitating the provision of critical healthcare and support to remote communities across Africa in delivering vaccines. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Amref facilitated the first delivery of the #COVID19Vaccine to Mandera County. Kudos to the @AFD for leading efforts to deliver vaccines to unreached communities. #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Amref remains committed to working with the African governments, and other partners in ensuring equity in access to vaccine in the continent @WHO, @UNICEF @Gavi #WorldImmunizationWeek2022 #LongLifeForAll

Key Facts on Immunization Coverage (WHO)

Global vaccine coverage dropped from 86% in 2019 to 83% in 2020 (WHO). #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

An estimated 23 million children under the age of one year did not receive basic vaccines, which is the highest number since 2009 (WHO). #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

In 2020, the number of completely unvaccinated children increased by 3.4 million (WHO). #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

Only 19 vaccine introductions were reported in 2020, less than half of any year in the past two decades (WHO) #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

1.6 million more girls were not fully protected against human papillomavirus (HPV) in 2020, compared to the previous year (WHO) #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

Immunization reaches more people than any other health and social service, making it the foundation of primary health care systems and a key driver toward universal health coverage. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

Immunization is critical to SDG3 – to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

Immunization is an investment for the future, creating a healthier, safer and more prosperous world for all (WHO). #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

Vaccines train your immune system to create antibodies, just as it does when it’s exposed to a disease. However, because vaccines contain only killed or weakened forms of germs like viruses or bacteria, they do not cause the disease or put you at risk of its complications. #LongLifeForAll

Vaccines protect against different diseases. They include the following: • cervical cancer • cholera • diphtheria • hepatitis B • influenza • Japanese encephalitis • Measles • Meningitis • Mumps • Pertussis • Pneumonia • Polio • Rabies • Rotavirus • Rubella • Tetanus • Typhoid • Varicella • yellow fever

On 6 October 2021, WHO recommended widespread use of the RTS,S malaria vaccine in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi. The vaccine significantly reduces malaria and life-threatening severe malaria in children. If implemented broadly, the vaccine could save tens of thousands of lives each year. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

To date, more than 2.7 million doses of malaria vaccine have been administered through routine immunization programmes in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

Community demand for the vaccine is strong and evidence shows it can effectively be delivered through the routine child immunization platform. #LongLifeForAll #WorldImmunizationWeek

Why is malaria vaccine so critical as a prevention tool? Strong safety profile: To date, more than 2.7 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in 3 African countries - the vaccine has a favorable safety profile.

Why is malaria vaccine so critical as a prevention tool? High impact in real-life childhood vaccination settings: There has been substantial drop in children being hospitalized and a drop-in child death in the age group that is eligible to receive the vaccine.

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