Navigating US Government Requirements for Cooperative Agreements and Grants

21–30 May 2023

Amref Health Africa has partnered with aidTrain, a global provider of compliance training to offer tailored, high-quality training opportunities to stakeholders and partners in the global development sector, with the goal of advancing lasting organizational capacity in Africa.

Course Overview

Effectively navigating US Government regulations is key to a successful federally funded program. By the end of this five-day training, participants will be able to research, interpret, and apply the regulations of their US Government grant or cooperative agreement and understand the specific regulations for three key donors: USAID, CDC, and State Department.

This training will introduce participants to the Uniform Administrative Regulations: 2 CFR 200 through the entire project lifecycle from pre-award to close-out:


  • An overview of the Proposal Process
  • Definitions, General Provisions, and the Pre-award Process

Award Implementation:

  • Financial Management
  • Cost Principles
  • Prior Approvals
  • Unallowable Costs
  • Procurement and Property Management
  • Programmatic and Subaward Expectations
  • Indirect Costs and Indirect Rates
  • Administrative and Closeout Requirements
  • US Government Audit Requirements

Our expert facilitators will also guide participants through the core compliance areas including ethical standards, subaward management, business development, human resources, and travel.

To build strong working relationships and effectively implement a project, it is important for organizations to fully understand each US Government Agency’s regulatory framework. Our trainings will cover the relevant donor regulations in each location, which could include: 


  1. USAID
  2. State Department
  3. Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Participants will learn through interactive, relevant, and practical examples to build confidence in day-to-day management for any USAID, CDC or State Department award. This course will prepare participants for any challenges and empower them to improve their relationships with donor agency personnel.


Learning Objectives


After this training, participants will:


  • Be familiar with the US government funding process.
  • Understand and interpret the requirements for US Government funded cooperative agreements and grants.
  • Understand the specific requirements for three key donor agencies: USAID, Center for Disease Control (CDC), and State Department.
  • Be able to locate and interpret regulations that apply to their project.
  • Develop strong working relationships with government staff.


Find below locations for the upcoming training sessions. Click on the links to register.  
Date Location Language Regulations Covered Number of Training Days Standard Price CPEs
April 22 – 26 Nairobi, Kenya English USAID, State Department, CDC 5 $1,650 40
May 6 – 10 Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire French USAID, State Department, CDC 5 $1,650 40
May 20 – 24 Juba, South Sudan English USAID (with BHA) DOS (with PRM) 5 $1,650 40
June 3 – 6 Abuja, Nigeria English USAID 4 $1,320 32
June 24 – 28 Addis, Ethiopia English USAID, State Department, CDC 5 $1,650 40

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