National Business Compact mobilizes corporates to fight COVID-19pandemic

by Amref Health Africa

The National Business Compact on COVID-19, (NBCC) coalition has been mobilizing support from corporates and private firms in countering the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As a coalition we felt there is need to mobilise more support andcompliment government efforts in fighting the pandemic,” said Group chief executive officer –Amref Health Africa Githinji Gitahi.

The coalition was launched on March 16,2020, through the efforts of The Ministry of Health and was co-founded and co-chaired by Myriam Sidibem a renowned hand washing expert and Senior Fellow, at Harvard Kennedy School.

It comprises of brands in the hygiene business, Association of Practitioners in Advertising(APA), Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK), Amref Health Africa, SDG Partnership Platform and the UN family in Kenya.

The goal of the coalition is to ensure that the business community gives the government adequate resources in form of funds, services and essential products during the ongoing pandemic.

Some of the initiatives the coalition has come up with include; the drive and amplification of consumer education, awareness and prevention measures on the pandemic, setting up hygiene centres across identified hotspots invulnerable populations and the creation of a flexi fund to help the government respond to emergency crisis.

So far, the coalition has been involved in initiatives such as donation of Sh3million to support government quarantine facilities and Sh2million to support doctors in callcentres, funds that have been raised by corporates within the coalition.

NBCC in partnership with the government has scaled hand washing stations in hotspots within the country with donations of 2000 stations set up in Nairobi, Central, Coastal areas and an addition of 200 more stations being handed over this week in Western.

In addition, there has been a donation of over 30,000 bars of soap to reach at least 6,000 families through the Food for to Education program.

Organizations that may want to support the initiative can make their contributions towards Mpesa paybill number 344555, account name National Business Compact Fund for Coronavirus Response.

NBCC has also partnered with local media houses to sensitize and educate the public on handwashing, sanitizing and social distancing as a way of helping the government drive awareness and consumer education towards adopting pro-social behaviour

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