Zanzibar VP amplifies campaign against NCDs

by Amref Health Africa

ZANZIBAR First Vice-President Othman Masoud Othman has appealed to citizens to avoid a lifestyle that could lead them to getting non-communicable diseases, including diabetes.

Mr Othman made the plea as Zanzibar on Sunday joined the international community in observing World Diabetes Day (WDD).

The VP emphasized on eating a balanced diet and also educating children about eating properly while at home and in schools. “Diabetes is a global problem which has not spared Zanzibar. I consider it as a national disaster, therefore I suggest that from next year this Day should be observed in all districts so that people are reminded about how to minimize risks,” Mr Othman said.

On his part, Mr Ali Said Nyanga, director of preventive services, encouraged physical exercises and regular health checkups. Zanzibar is estimated to have between 70,000 to 100,000 people living with diabetes.

The event was also attended by other staff from the Ministry of Health, Social Welfare, Elders, Gender and Children led by its Minister Nassor Ahmed Mazrui who commended jogging groups and development partners led by AMREF health for Africa for supporting the event.

Dr Edwin Kilimba, director of programs for AMREF (Afya Kamilifu), stated: “We have been working closely with Zanzibar in improving health for Zanzibaris. With support from our partners, we are committed to continue with the fight against Covid-19.” Speaking on the significance of the Day, Mr Mazrui said diabetes is a global public health threat and called for concerted action to stop its spread as he also reminded members of the public to eat healthily by consuming less saturated fatty foods and high energy foods and to eat more fruits and vegetables.

As regards to Covid-19, the minister reiterated his call to people who have not been vaccinated to ensure they do so because coronavirus remains a threat and also

“We want to make Zanzibar a safe place for visitors and tourists planning to visit the country. Let each of us take the responsibility of encouraging people to vaccinate.” The minister said that so far 70,000 people in Zanzibar have been vaccinated as of the end of last month (October).

The target is to vaccinate at least one hundred thousand people by December this year, and ensure that about 700,000- 800,000 people are vaccinated by June 2022.

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