World Health Worker Week 2022

April 4- 8, 2022

Build the Health Workforce Back Better

This year’s theme highlights the need to strengthen health workforce and to build back better systems to support health workers following the experiences of COVID-19 pandemic. This will be critical in enhancing progress towards universal health coverage (UHC) that requires strong health systems and health workers who are educated and empowered to provide the health services that adequately meet population health needs.

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George Brian Community Health Assistant shares his best wishes for #WHWWeek2022

Message to policy makers by Paul Otieno Clinical Officer Homa Bay County #WHWWeek2022

George Brian sharing his experience as a health worker during the commemoration of the #WHWWeek2022

Susan Atieno, a Peer Mentor, shares her messages for the 2022 Health Worker Week

George Brian, a Community Health Assistant - Migori County, sends a message to policy makers as the world commemorates #WHWWeek2022

JIBU Esstential COVID 19 Course for Health Workers in Africa

JIBU COVID 19 Course Experiences from Health Workers in Uganda

The need to strengthen the health workforce and build back better systems to support health workers continues to be critical and takes centre stage as we celebrate health worker week. Here are some insights from Dr Githinji Gitahi. @daktari1

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World Health Worker Week is April 4 -8, and we’re focusing on building the health workforce back better. Follow @Amref_Worldwide and #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce for stories, videos, + showing how #HealthWorkers save and improve lives

Honor and thank health workers for their heroic efforts digitally using content available here #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

This year World Health Worker Week is April 4 - 8, 2022, and the theme is Build the Health Workforce Back Better. Please mark your calendars to join us to amplify the voices of frontline health workers and their needs throughout the week. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

In observance of World Health Worker Week 2021, we join the world in amplifying the voices of health workers as they continue to provide essential health services in their communities amid the #COVID19 pandemic. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

We must ensure health workers on the front lines are adequately equipped and supported while applauding their bravery and leadership in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Health workforce remains the core of any effective healthcare system globally. In LMIC, achieving optimal staffing levels of healthcare workers has been a major challenge leading to a lean workforce to deliver healthcare services. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Forums/workshops/conventions should be organized regularly to create platform where health workers, government and stakeholders meet to discuss ways of improving healthcare service delivery. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that health workers are essential to us all. But do we ever ask the question - what’s essential to the health workers? #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

We must show love to health workers working tirelessly and putting themselves at risk especially during #COVID19 to save lives. We salute them! #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Community Health Workers (CHWs) have relentlessly contributed to promoting quality health for all across Africa. We are inspired by their unwavering efforts especially during the #COVID19 pandemic. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

We call on the Africa governments to ensure fair and decent housing, steady paychecks, regular training, and better working conditions for health workers across the continent. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

As the battle for COVID-19 continues, African governments must continue to supply adequate personal protective equipment to health workers so that they can do the job safely. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Health workers need protection from burnout. They need protection for their mental health. They need supportive supervisors & strong managers and the right technology at their fingertips to deliver better healthcare to communities. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

We call for immediate policy changes in Africa to strengthen frontline health workforce capacity, ensure their safety and well-being, and make sure their voices are heard and included during policy making processes. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Our health workers continue stand up to #COVID19 for us, and this #WHWWeek2022, it’s our turn to stand up for them and say loud and clear that #HealthWorkersCount. RT to say THANK YOU to our heroes. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

There’s no health care without health workers. Frontline health workers are the first and often only link for health services for millions of people across Africa. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

We need more health care workers on the line. The world’s facing a dire shortage of 18 million health workers, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Before #COVID19 half the world’s population already lacked access to essential health services. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

We must foster additional health worker leadership by increasing access to leadership training, skills-building, and mentorship programs and addressing gender inequalities in leadership opportunities. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

African health training institutions and universities must mainstream leadership management and governance course in the normal training curriculum for health workers to help nurture young leaders from the beginning. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Women make up 70% of the global health workforce yet represent only 25% of leadership positions. We need to change this and ensure more women health workers have the skills and support to step into leadership positions. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Health care leadership must address workforce dynamics that affect caregivers who are women, including safe work environments, fundamental rights, fair incomes, and integrating unpaid health workers into the formal labor sector. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Frontline health workers put themselves on the line, or at great personal risk, to provide care for others. They are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, other infectious outbreaks and emergencies, and also in danger in conflict settings. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Frontline health workers must be heard and respected. They are often the first to identify and communicate a disease outbreak. COVID-19 is an example of NOT listening to health workers early on. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

We must tackle persistent barriers nurses face and provide them with the correct support and training. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of our health systems across Africa, thus calling for all levels of governments to invest deeply in resilient and professional health workforce. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Inadequate funding translates to policy gaps, inadequate distribution of health workers, low absorption of skilled health professionals and lack of emergency preparedness. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

The pandemic exacerbated the stress on health workforce in many unanticipated ways. We need to urgently address key areas to improved and strengthen resilience among health care workforce. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

In order to prepare for future pandemics and increase global health security, we need to invest and support health workers around the world. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Governments and partners should ensure that the healthcare workforce is well trained and equipped with relevant skills through competency-based education and training. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

To strengthen healthcare worker’s response to SGBV cases, Amref Health Africa in Kenya has trained over 500 health workers in Migori and Homabay counties. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Community health workers continue to bridge the health access gap between the community and the formal health system. We fully recognized them. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

As we mark the health workers week, we appreciate all our front-liners across the globe for their dedication and sacrifices in the battle against #COVID19. They have become part of history as heroes and heroines in the fight against this global pandemic. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Community health workers play a key role in responding to major disease outbreaks as demonstrated in the Ebola outbreak in West and Central Africa, and current global COVID-19 pandemic. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

The Ministry of Health in Kenya adopted Community Health Strategy 2014 - 2019 to actively engage communities in managing their own health. Community Health Services is a top priority of the Ministry of Health and its partners. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

One of the most critical lessons we have learned is that we cannot achieve health for all without basic primary health care services at the community level. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Nurses and midwives make up nearly half the global health workforce. Through their leadership, they can advance health policy to reach #UHC. This #WHWWeek2022, encourage more #Nurse and #Midwife leaders! #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

We need more #Nurse and #Midwife Leaders on the Line--they are crucial members of any health workforce team! Let’s elevate their role to ensure all #HealthWorkersCount for #HealthForAll! #WHWWeek2022

Can’t achieve #UHC without harnessing the power of community health workers! #CHWs are essential in rapidly responding to health crises, delivering routine care, and providing linkages to the health system. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

#HealthWorkers around the globe are on the front lines fighting #COVID19. While countries are relaxing prevention measures, they still need #PPE & other safety measures to stay safe. Join us for #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce to rally for increased support for these heroes

Our Policy recommendations on #COVID19 call for immediate policy changes—particularly in African countries to: Strengthen capacity of frontline health workers, Ensure their safety. Make sure their stories are heard to influence policy reviews.

We need more healthcare workers on the line. Before #COVID19 half the world’s population already lacked access to essential health services, including maternal care, #HIV care, & #FamilyPlanning. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Act to ensure that we Build the Health Workforce Back Better. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Investments in frontline #HealthWorkers can save millions of #MomAndBaby lives, enhance global health security, and result in tremendous economic & social returns! #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

As COVID-19 cases subside, frontline health workers are a critical part of the health and wellbeing of communities. They have the right to a safe workplace, where they can exercise leadership, maintain their own health, and be free of harassment. #WHWWeek2022

Tackling discrimination in the health workplace--from the top down-- is critical to ensuring a robust pool of #healthworkers. Let’s not forget that women make up the majority of the health workforce worldwide. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

We need teams of frontline #HealthWorkers in every community with the skill mix needed to provide access to the full package of essential health services. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

#COVID19 pandemic has shown govts & donors they must significantly increase long-term investment in frontline health workforce teams educated, trained, recruited, supported, & protected to prevent, detect, & respond to global health threats. #WHWWeek2022

Frontline health workers put themselves on the line to prevent, detect, & respond to #GlobalHealth threats like #COVID19. Let’s build better systems & build the health workforce back better. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

#HealthWorkers are on the front lines of #COVID19. It’s crucial to #InvestInHealthWorkers to ensure they have the skills, protection, and support they need. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Without immediate strategic investments, the world is facing a shortage of 18 MILLION #HealthWorkers by 2030, worsening already severe shortages across the globe & threatening our ability to control global disease outbreaks like #COVID19 #WHWWeek2022

We need more #HealthWorker Leaders on the front line to enhance #GHSecurity and reach #HealthForAll. That includes community health workers, nurses, midwives, doctors, pharmacists, surgeons, and more working together keep us safe and healthy.

With continuous call for massive global vaccinations that’s bigger and faster than humanity has ever attempted. There are 7.8 billion of us today. Who is going to give all those shots? #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

We need more nurses, midwives, and community health workers, all ready and deployed to every city and community to support vaccination exercise. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

With ongoing vaccine manufacturing plans for Africa, if we don’t have the right people in place, no amount of product will help us succeed. We need lab techs, clinicians, CHWs, etc.—they’re all health workers. And they’re all essential. We need to invest in them. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Help us amplify the voices of frontline health workers and their recommendations throughout the week and urge African governments & partners to take recommended actions to #BuildBackBetter & protect health workers now & beyond the pandemic #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

The Global Health Workforce Alliance and @WHO estimates the world is short of at least 7.2 million doctors, nurses and midwives needed to provide essential health services – a shortage that could climb to 12.9 million by 2035 if we do not focus on building the health workforce we need for the 21st century. #WHWWeek2022

More professional health workers are needed, but efforts to scale up health professionals’ education must not only increase the quantity of health workers, but also address issues of quality and relevance in order to address population health needs. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

We invite all health workforce stakeholders to join us by raising awareness and engaging on health workers issues and recognize the lifesaving contribution of the health workforce. #WHWWeek2022

No one is safe until everyone is safe! Accelerate #HealthForAll by acting for health workers everywhere. This #WHWWeek2022 , we call on global, national & local leaders to increase investments, support and protection for #HealthWorkers. #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

This #WHWWeek2022, we celebrate the frontline health workers improving access to care and addressing the barriers their communities face to live healthy lives. We call for immediate action to harness their power for global health equity and development.

Governments, workers unions, professional associations & civil society have a joint responsibility in improving & securing the working conditions of their #healthworkers while empowering them in the decision-making process. #WHWWeek2022

Dear #HealthWorker, thank you for helping those in need and for risking your own to ensure that your patients get the best treatment. Truly, you are our heroes. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

The timing of #WHWWeek2022 marked a turning point in Kenyas quest to achieve #UHC and we need to reform and recalibrate curriculum content, architecture and training of health care workers to deliver quality services. – President Uhuru

In addition to national actions, a global education reinvestment fund should be launched for health workers for sustainable reverse flows of diaspora, volunteers, and exchange programmes to absorb and reinforce the capacity of health workers. #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

Amref Kenya works with various counties to support enactment of policies for health systems strengthening & supporting health workforce needs. They are- National CHS Bill 2020, County CHS & Facility Improvement Fund Bills, etc #WHWWeek2022 #AmrefSupportsHealthWorkforce

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