Boosting Healthcare in Kenya: Global Fund Country Team meets with Principal Secretary (PS) Tum

by Amref Health Africa

NAIROBI, Kenya, February 8, 2023. A significant meeting took place today between the Global Fund Country Team led by Manager, Paul Mac Carrick and Kenya’s Principal Secretary (PS) for Medical Services, Eng. Peter Tum. The two powerhouses came together to tackle pressing healthcare issues in Kenya and find ways to improve the sector.

The meeting covered a wide range of topics, from addressing reasons for ineligible expenditure to exploring ways to make Universal Health Coverage (UHC) work and secure its financing. PS Tum also highlighted the need for support for community health workers and the implementation of Afya Mashinani, as well as the need for KEMSA to lower prices and the importance of collaboration with the private sector and the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).

The plan to have Amref implement oxygen cylinders on behalf of the government and an addition of 400 engineers was also discussed

Global Fund Manager, Mr Mac Carrick, spoke on the 21-year relationship between Kenya & Global Fund and informed the meeting of a balance of $13 million yet to be given and there is pressure from the supply chain.

The plan to have Amref implement oxygen cylinders on behalf of the government and an addition of 400 engineers was also discussed, as well as the allocation of $392 million to support HIV, malaria, and TB.

The Value Added Tax (VAT) issue and the need for low-cost financing were also discussed, with Dr Andrew Mulwa from the Ministry of Health (MOH) Preventive and Promotive Health mentioning that the processing of the VAT issue was underway. He also emphasized the need for reducing ineligible expenditures and ensuring a smooth transition of the Global Fund.

The acting Director General MOH, Dr Patrick Amoth spoke about the challenges in the cost of healthcare and how a plan was in line with Kenya Kwanza’s manifesto on UHC.

The meeting was productive and provided crucial insights into the current state of healthcare in Kenya. With the Global Fund and PS Tum working together, it’s clear that positive change is on the horizon for the sector.

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