Access to contraception is helping to improve the life of Tariko Manta, and her family, who live in a village in Ethiopia

by Amref Health Africa

Read Tarkio’s experience in her own words:

“My name is Tariko. I am 32-years-old and I live in Kindo Koisha woreda in Ethiopia with my husband Zaruma and five children. The eldest is 8 and the youngest is six months.

One day, Abebech [a health extension worker] was coming to my home to discuss overall health-related issues. We discussed family planning. She described for me the benefits, methods, side effects and its relationship with our daily life. I was surprised with the information I got from her, but I told her it is difficult to use such type of family planning without consultation with my husband. Immediately, I promised her I would come to the health post after consulting my husband.

I provided an update to my husband on Abebech’s visit and education on family planning. I discussed our economic situation, the health situation of us and our children, and our family’s food security. After a detailed discussion on the situation, we both agreed to use a family planning method.

I went to the Manara health post with my husband and we consulted Abebech on the types of methods available. I decided to use a long-acting contraceptive for 3 years. Now I am enjoying the method and believe in a bright future thanks to the health extension worker and the project that supports Abebech to do such things. Now I committed to sharing this information with my friends.”

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