Amref calls for greater private sector engagement in African healthcare

by Amref Health Africa

Making healthcare profitable is key for private sector involvement, says Amref Group CEO

7th October 2016…A growing urban middle class that is willing to pay for better healthcare has opened the door to greater private sector engagement in African healthcare.

This was the dominant theme at the just concluded Africa Health Business Symposium in Nairobi, which ran from 6 to 7 October 2016. The symposium brought together key players from government, private sector and civil society to develop a framework for greater private sector engagement in African healthcare.

Speaking at the conference, Dr Githinji Gitahi, Amref Health Africa Group CEO, stressed the importance of making healthcare a profitable venture for private sector.

“Close to 50 per cent of expenditure in African healthcare comes from private sector. There is a clear opportunity for private sector, what we need to do to tap into this opportunity is ensure that private sector gets a reasonable return on investment.”

Private sector has started playing a new vibrant role in African healthcare, often working in partnership with donors and governments, to provide better healthcare solutions and increased access to medicine at affordable prices.

“Partnerships are the model that will work. We need a clear framework for partnerships, one that serves the interests of government, private sector and non-governmental players,” said Dr Gitahi, adding that this will help accelerate the push for universal health coverage, as envisaged under the Sustainable Development Goals.



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