Amref, EABL Foundation Commission Water Project in Kericho County

by Amref Health Africa

The commissioning of a spring in Buchenge, Kericho County, was the culmination of a private-public partnership that brought together the East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL) Foundation and Amref Health Africa in Kenya.

“The completion of the project on time means that we now have a good platform for even more collaboration in the future,” Daniel Kurao, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Neglected Tropical Diseases Programme Manager, Amref Health Africa in Kenya, ascertained.

The project will provide approximately 7000 residents of the area with safe and clean drinking water; a milestone that was lauded by the area Member of Parliament, Honorable Benjamin Langat. “This water project will bring relief to the residents of Buchenge, who have suffered the burden of trekking far distances in search of the precious commodity long enough,” he affirmed.

The project also connected two schools with piped water, meaning the school’s administration and students can focus fully on academic activities rather than expending their time seeking water.

Queried on the subject of water and empowerment, Kurao explained that the ease of access to safe and clean water freed up women, who are culturally tasked with looking for water for the family. Such women are then able to realise other goals such as schooling and daily employment, thus, become empowered. Kurao also explained that availability to safe and clean water decreases the susceptibility of children to diseases, thereby, improving their health indicators.

Overall, accessibility to water improves the physical and educational development of children, not to mention the quality of life for the community,” he concluded.

Also in attendance was Eric Mutai, EABL’s Human Resource Director, who reiterated the company’s position to provide water to communities across the country.

“We understand that access to water and sanitation is critical to sustainable development and it contributes to improved health and education outcomes that are linked to poverty reduction.

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Dinah Karwitha

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