Giornata Mondiale della Terra, il 22 aprile Amref e “Cielo e Terra” per difendere il valore dell’acqua

by Amref Health Africa

Behind the short narrated by the voice of Fiorella Mannoia, which Amref has dedicated to water, there is the support of a long-lived and important winery. “To make a liter of wine it takes 600 liters of water” says Pierpaolo Cielo vice-president of Cielo e Terra “water is a critical factor in our supply chain, which is why we know very well and are sensitive to the water theme”. 

The company founded in 1908 supported the Amref project – the largest health-related NGO in Africa – to ensure clean water in Kenya. On the occasion of World Earth Day the two realities are the protagonists of the backstage video of the short film “Something broke”. Backstage video shot on Pierpaolo Cielo’s trip to Kenya in recent months.

At Vinitaly 2019 the spark of Kenya and access to water in favor of Africa. Ours is a company very committed to social issues. In Sierra Leone we had already built 32 wells, for a total of 30 million liters of water. We want to try, with other water projects, to compensate the water we use to make wine. Thanks to a precious meeting with one of our customers from Kenya, we then found a local NGO in Amref who brought us to the field to see his projects “ continues Pierpaolo Cielo ” sharing the well and involving the community around that asset, so precious, it is what struck me most in the meeting with the African communities “.

From the collaboration with Amref was born “Something broke”, a short film that evokes in a poetic way, with the unique voice of Fiorella Mannoia, the fracture created in the balance between African women and water . The short – previewed on April 4 on La7 – was made in Kenya by Amref and the production company DocLab. Main partner Cielo e Terra Sustainable and Utilitalia. Technical partners Fujinon, Premista and Sony.

At the center of the short film, that balance “broken” by continuous periods of drought and severe floods, the consequences of worrying climate change. FAO identifies the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa as the countries that will suffer most from climate change in terms of reduced agricultural productivity and water insecurity. In 2019, 2.6 million climate refugees added to the 7.6 million internally displaced persons fleeing conflict. With some of the most serious situations that have occurred in Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan.

“Even in a difficult time like this, where not only the aspect of health, due to Covid19, is putting us to the test, but also the economic one, being able to count on the help of such important companies is an encouraging sign for us . Cielo e Terra is next to us for a construction work not only for water systems, but for information on access to water. Now let’s go through this difficult moment and then find ourselves to create further value with this collaboration ”. 

The backstage video of the short film “Something broke” was shot in Kenya, in the areas where the Masai communities live. In addition to Pierpaolo Cielo was present Alessio Pavan, Export Manager of Cielo e Terra. 

Amref Health Africa.  Amref is the largest non-governmental health organization in Africa, where it has been operating since 1957. Today Amref operates in 35 countries south of the Sahara with over 160 health promotion projects. Through health centers and mobile units, it guarantees medical assistance to nomadic and rural populations. The care of Amref operators also arrives where no one can go, in extremely isolated and rural areas, thanks to the Flying Doctors, “Flying Doctors” who bring medical assistance and training on board small planes equipped as mobile units.

CIELO E TERRA , a Vicenza winery, lives the territory as a physical space to be preserved but also as an ideal space to cultivate so that sustainability becomes a value for everyone and addresses an increasingly responsible future. He has supported many projects in the economic, environmental and social fields under the CIELO E TERRA SUSTAINABLE brand. It has been operating in Italy with the Freschello, Casa Defrà and Famiglia Cielo brands since 1908, all distributed in the GDO channel and serves over 60 countries worldwide. The company, aware of the importance of water in its wine supply chain, has chosen to work alongside Amref to guarantee access to protected water sources for the most fragile communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Clean water is life and opportunity for new generations.

Article first published on Cronaca Oggi Quotidiano.

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