ISTAT Foundation – Amref Flying Doctors COVID-19 Response Support

by Amref Health Africa

With the support of ISTAT Foundation, AMREF Flying Doctors has been able to maintain a forefront position in the fight against Covid19 in the region. To date we have carried out over 120 Covid positive patient transfers and have utilised the equipment obtained through the ISTAT grant. Portable patient isolation units, ultrasound scanners and a new ventilator have improved our efficiency and the quality and safety standards with which we operate.

Purchase of a Hamilton T1 advanced transport ventilator for medevacs: this ventilator is fully featured and provides ventilation in transport to as high a level as one would get in hospital. The ventilator is compact, portable and flight tested. It also has powerful long lasting batteries and can ventilate babies of 0.5kg weight as well as adults.

Purchase of 2 Philips Lumify point of care ultrasound scanners to provide high level instant on site imaging with focus on the lung and abdomen. Through the support of Istat, AFD becomes the first air and ground ambulance provider in the region to provide ultrasound scanning in transit. Where data network allows, these scanners can send the images ahead to hospital to alert the receiving doctors in real time on what is happening to their patient and allow them to prepare adequately.

Procurement of quality approved personal protective equipment has given our staff confidence and ability to provide care to very sick patients in demanding environments.

AMREF Flying Doctors was the first operator in the region to carry our Air medical evacuation for ventilated critically ill Covid19 patients and remain the leader in the sector thanks to the kind support received through ISTAT. Our patients and staff continue to benefit from the updated equipment maintain hope despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus outbreak.

Dr Joseph Lelo, Medical Director

AMREF Flying Doctors

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