Amref volunteers vow to combat malaria

by Amref Health Africa

As Malawi joins the rest of the world in commemorating World Malaria Day on Sunday, Amref Health Africa volunteers under Leap Project running in Mangochi, have pledged to intensify their efforts to combat the disease.

Speaking on Wednesday at Taliyana Village, Traditional Authority Jalasi in the district, Sainatu M’dala said malaria remained a threat in the district, especially among under-five children.

She said: “The project has empowered us with knowledge about the disease and how it can be prevented”.

Mdala | The Nation Online
M’dala: We alert people to malaria signs

“We engage people, especially expectant mothers and children on the signs and symptoms of the disease and on the need to seek medication quickly.”

M’dala also said they encourage people to sleep under mosquito nets and clear their surroundings to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

She said Amref Health Africa provided them with mobile phones to disseminate malaria-related messages, including Covid-19 preventive measures.

Another volunteer Lukia Alli said they work with health surveillance assistants (HSAs) to ensure people get help quickly.

In her remarks, Namwera Health Centre senior HSA Clemence Chimatiro said the collaboration with volunteers is paying off.

“We used to receive more malaria cases, but now the situation is improving, thanks to the volunteers,” he said.

On his part, Amref Health Africa district project assistant Petros Kamanga said the project seeks to prevent illnesses such as malaria, pneumonia, diarrhoea and malnutrition.

“We want to reduce preventable deaths through the promotion of health messages among people by using mobile phones,” he said.

Amref Health Africa is implementing the project with funding from the Dutch postcode lottery of the Netherlands.

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