M-Pesa Foundation launch programmes to boost maternal health in Homa Bay

by Amref Health Africa

Homa Bay is one of the counties in Kenya with poor reproductive, maternal, new-born, child and adolescent health indicators.

The launch of the Uzazi Salama programme was marked by laying a foundation stone for construction of a modern maternity wing at Ndhiwa Subcounty Hospital.

Awiti said Ndhiwa and Suba are faced with various challenges and need proper maternal healthcare.

“We are still battling teenage pregnancies, especially during childbirth because biologically, their bodies are not ready to welcome a child,” he said.

The governor said their partnership with Safaricom and AMREF Health Africa will not only educate on safe sex and childbirth, but also to reduce maternal and child deaths.

The telemedicine programme was launched at Sindo Subcounty Hospital, it is also called Daktari Smart.

Nyarango said the initiative targets not only children in Suba but across Homa Bay.

“There is need to reduce child mortality rate and save future generations,” he said.

The governor urged residents to take advantage of the programme to address their health challenges.

“Homa Bay has a health burden, hence we want our people to help us fight diseases by seeking medication at the facility, without fear,” he said.

With telemedicine, medical services can be provided remotely through video call where a doctor can make a diagnosis with the help of a specialist located in another town.

Daktari Smart aims to address delays in receiving adequate healthcare in rural and underserved areas.

This means patients who spend time and money to travel long distances to urban areas to seek medical care can get it at their local health facility.

“We’re trying to improve roads around Suba and other places to make the hospital accessible,” the governor said.

(Edited by Bilha Makokha)

Article first published on https://www.the-star.co.ke/counties/nyanza/2021-11-28-m-pesa-foundation-launch-programmes-to-boost-maternal-health-in-homa-bay/

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