Amref Tanzania and Partners Donate Medical Equipment and Supplies for Safe Delivery in Zanzibar

by Amref Health Africa

24 June 2024, Zanzibar, Tanzania:  Amref Health Africa-Tanzania, in partnership with the Ministry of Health of Zanzibar and Absa Bank, along with several other partners, has donated essential medical supplies and equipment to the Ministry of Health for distribution to 28 health facilities. The significant contribution is part of the “Uzazi ni Maisha Wogging” (Walk-Jog-Run) initiative, which aims to support health facilities in Zanzibar with medical equipment and supplies for safe delivery, improving maternal and child health outcomes.

At the hand-over ceremony held at the Ministry of Health office in Zanzibar, Hon. Nassor Ahmed Mazrui, Zanzibar’s Minister of Health, highlighted that 28 healthcare centres will directly benefit from this program. “Supporting safe delivery in Zanzibar with medical supplies and equipment is crucial and much needed. It is our government’s duty to ensure these supplies and equipment are consistently available and used as intended, as this is the pathway to saving lives of Zanzibaris, especially mothers and newborns,” he affirmed. He committed that the government will ensure the donated equipment reaches all targeted healthcare facilities in the islands.

Additionally, Hon. Mazrui commended Amref and various partners for their innovative approach and urged more partners to join efforts to ensure the availability of medical supplies and equipment for safe delivery in Zanzibar. “I urge everyone to continue participating and contributing through the official website at and payment number vodacom 5529421, tigo 6633523 to continue saving lives of mothers and children,” he added.

Speaking on behalf of Amref Health Africa – Tanzania’s Country Director, Dr. Serafina Mkuwa (Programme Manager for Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health, stated, “Through the Uzazi ni Maisha Wogging” initiative, in collaboration with various stakeholders and private companies the contribution of these medical equipment and supplies will enable safe delivery for mothers in Zanzibar. Approximately 28 healthcare facilities in the five regions of Zanzibar with the greatest needs will benefit from these supplies. This marks the third phase of medical supply distribution, and we will continue based on contributions from committed stakeholders.”

Absa Bank’s representative Rabia Aboud, Branch Manager Zanzibar, underscored their commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), highlighting their readiness to collaborate with communities to support healthcare, particularly maternal health, a key pillar of Absa Bank’s CSR policy. Rabia Aboud added that Absa Bank recognizes the importance of supporting partners like Amref in positively contributing to healthcare and overall well-being.

The Uzazi ni Maisha Wogging initiative, which spans three years (2022-2024), aims to collect at least one billion Tanzanian shillings in cash, in-kind donations, and pledges to support medical equipment and supplies. The program will remain open for actively engaging various supporters until the target is achieved.

Special Thanks: We extend special thanks to all our partners who have contributed to supporting medical equipment and supplies for safe delivery in Zanzibar, including our main partner, Absa Bank, other key partners: NBC, NMB Banks, M&D Chemical and Surgical Ltd, Tanzania Ports Authority, ITV/Radio One, Swahili Sweatshop, Dalberg Tanzania, CRDB Bank, Siemens Healthcare LLC, Amref Australia, Medical Stores Department (MSD), Rans Company Limited, Cornerstone Solutions Limited, Strategies Insurance, Madinat Al Bahr, Flying Doctors Africa, Zanzibar Serena Hotel, Titching Pharm Access International, Amref Flying Doctors, Mazrui Building Company, Fortes Garage Ltd, GT Bank, Meraas Perfume Company Limited, Swala Air Cargo, Jeel International Ltd, Amref staff, Amref Health Innovation, Amref International University, Naivera Complex, Laurent & Augustine, Zanzibar Food & Drug, Mambo Leo Digital, LAL Garage, HAI Agency and General, AGOTA, Numpe Industrial Services, Zanzibar Maisha Bora Foundation, Transcend Group of Companies, Notus General Supply, NACOPHA, APECHI, MYSERVICE, Security Printers Ltd, Target Lounge, DINARI, AFRIcai, Elpis Company Limited, Super Kitasa JR Motors Limited, Marumaru Hotel, United Nations Office, Nebula Healthcare, Medical Teams International, Deity Company Ltd, and all other individual contributors.

About Amref Health Africa, Tanzania

With the focus on reaching and working with the most vulnerable African communities to achieve lasting health change, Amref Health Africa has been active in Tanzania since 1957, and in 1987, the country office was established in Dar es Salaam. Since then, Amref Health Africa-Tanzania has been among the major supporters of the Government of Tanzania’s health care initiatives particularly the Ministry of Health, and President Office Region Authority and Local Government. Amref has supported the development of a number of national health policies, strategies, and guidelines for equitable health service delivery.

Amref Health Africa-Tanzania’s projects respond to national health priorities and sustainable development goals (SDGs) by addressing the needs of needy communities, mostly women and children. We work to increase health services’ effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability by strengthening health systems, improving access to services, advocating stronger community health systems, and influencing health policies. Amref Health Africa- Tanzania strongly supports the Universal Health Coverage Agenda.

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