Video: Localized Development and The Future of Aid

by Amref Health Africa

As some countries graduate to middle-income status, aid programs are moving from service delivery to capacity-building and technical assistance offered to local organizations and governments, according to Dr. Githinji Gitahi, group CEO at Amref Health Africa, which was awarded the Hilton Humanitarian Prize in 1999. To be successful, these programs will also have to be co-created with local stakeholders, he said. 

“We’ll have to have a shift of power from those who are doing it, those who are funding it, to those who are receiving the funds to be more in control of the solution that [is] funded,” Gitahi said.

Listen to Amref’s Dr. Githinji Gitahi and local champion Assistant Chief Patrick Lembwakita as they discuss what’s needed to further ensure a people-centered approach to aid.

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