Il Fiume Mara, il singolo estratto dal primo app-album italiano “Elettro Acqua 3D” di Marco Di Noia e di Stefano Cucchi

by Amref Health Africa

The Mara River, the single extracted from the first Italian app-album “Elettro Acqua 3D” by Marco Di Noia and Stefano Cucchi – It is in radio rotation and available in digital  IL FIUME MARA (Elettroformati / Believe) , single extracted from 3D audio concept album  ELETTRO ACQUA 3D , the first Italian app-album made by singer-songwriter  Marco Di Noia and electronic music composer Stefano Cucchi, available as a free download on the App Store  (iOS – Apple)  and Google Play  (Android) . These are the main links to the song:  Spotify  –  iTunes .

Sung by Marco Di Noia, the song addresses the current  theme of human migration  through the  parallelism with the Great Wildebeest Migration , which in order to survive must cyclically move from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the greener pastures of the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya , crossing two nations in three months. The Mara river is the border that separates death from starvation from the life offered by grassy pastures. To act as theater is the vast and warm savannah, where there is also the law of  territoriality  among the herds of lions, which clash over the right to prey on the herds.

“In the African savannah, as in the kingdom of men  – says Marco Di Noia –  migration is a journey in search of greater well-being, which sometimes coincides with survival. The instinct of territoriality is instead aimed at defending one’s acquired well-being. Drawing inspiration from the annual Great Wildebeest Migration across the Mara River and from the struggles between the packs of lions and other predators, this passage deals with these two states, which are neither right nor wrong, but simply natural ».

Guest of the song is  Alfred Karisa Kahindi , a Kenyan from Watamu, who sings in the Swahili language. The overtones of Marco di Noia in the finale are a rock reinterpretation of the typical screams of the  Masai .

For the social, literary, ecological and existentialist themes dealt with in the passages, the ” ELETTRO ACQUA 3D ” project  has  received the patronage of  AMREF HEALTH AFRICA , the largest non-governmental health organization that deals with health in Africa. By virtue of this, the disc-app,  5400 downloads recorded from 37 countries of the world , will soon be physically printed, in support of AMREF, in a limited edition of CDs and vinyls.

Composed of 22 tracks (11 “interludes” and 11 tracks) of  songwriting synth-pop  and  electro progELETTRO ACQUA 3D  was designed specifically for use on mobile devices, via headphones and earphones, and can be heard by downloading the homonymous application, available for both iOS and Android. The app-album presents an interface that offers in-depth content, images, videos of the  “making of”  and “mini-worlds” created ad hoc for each song by miniatures visual artist  Cristian Musella.

The download of  ELETTRO ACQUA 3D ”  is available at the following links: 



 In  support of the innovative proposal,  the SIAE has granted the project a special license  pending the implementation of its multimedia regulation and protecting other artists who wish to publish their work by adopting the app-album formula.

The “ELETTRO ACQUA 3D lineup   was presented  in an innovative concert of live 3D audio music  at the  VII edition of the  FIM, the Show of Music Education and Innovation. Both artists and the public have worn wireless headphones for a unique experience of live music in augmented reality. The “ELETTRO ACQUA 3D” app-album   was also a finalist in  the FIM 2019 Leonardo  Award  as a musical innovation project.

ELETTRO ACQUA 3D ”  is not an ambitious album only for the originality of the product-form with which it is distributed (the only app-album with such an articulated multimedia structure is  “Biophilia”  by  Björk , 2011), but also for the artistic production that characterizes it, totally unique: the eleven “interludes” that connect each of the eleven sung songs, in fact, were made with different techniques of  sound synthesis and entirely binaural mixing , so that they obtained a depth and a spatialization of the sounds such as to allow  a totalizing and literally three-dimensional listening experience .

With  nine guests from five different countries  (Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and Kenya), including Dan Lacksman  (Telex, Deep Forest, Hooverphonic etc.),  Thomas Bloch  (Radiohead, Gorillaz, Daft Punk etc.) and the performer trautonista  Peter PichlerELETTRO ACQUA 3D  was created with more than forty instruments for electronic music, a dense gear-list that includes the most sought-after analog synthesizers, including  the Arp2600  and  VCS3 , and the first rare and historic instruments electroacoustic, such as the  mixture trautonium  and the  ondes martenot.

 This is the tracklist of the album :  3D  “Acqua”“Piccoli Navigli”3D “Flying to Mombasa”“The Beach Boy of Ukunda”3D “The law of the Savannah”“The Mara River”3D “Voices against the current “” Rhapsody Tiberina “3D” Drowning in the memories of the Drina “” The Bridge on the Drina “3D” The mirror of the Ganges “” The Buddha converses with Shaka “3D” Suburban kingdom “” Seven meters under the soil “3D” Rain on the Fangorn Forest ““The last march of the Ent”3D “Wind Harp plays among the ice”“The perfect imperfection” , 3D “Return to Milan”,  “The sea for those who do not have it” ,   3D “Awakening with eyes closed “” Sirens “ .

Marco Di Noia,  voice, author of the texts and of the concept  “ELETTRO ACQUA 3D” , is a Milanese journalist, social media manager, with two degrees in humanities and a doctorate in cultures and comparative literature. It has a voice of almost four octaves of vocal extension and a falsetto with a rare tonal cleanliness. As a singer-songwriter, he has a single behind him (” Amore Teutonico” ,  2009 ) and an EP, which in 2013 received several radio gratifications (singles  “Rema!”  And ” Crisi Superstar”  in the top 50 of Indi Music Like) and patronage of  Via Del Campo 29 Red, Genoese emporium-museum dedicated to De André and the singers of the Ligurian school. The EP has obtained excellent criticism with articles in  Corriere della SeraLa  RepubblicaLa Stampa  and the presentation on Rai Uno a  Uno Mattina . The text of the song ” Il ponte sulla Drina” , present in ” Elettro Acqua 3D” , received the special mention at  the InediTo literary prize in 2013, at  the Turin Book Fair .

Stefano Cucchi , sound designer of  “Elettro Acqua 3D” , graduated in piano with a master’s degree in electronic music, several master classes and competitions won. He boasts several collaborations, including one of six years as a keyboard player with the  Rondò Veneziano  by  Giampiero Reverberi . Formerly an official piano and synth demonstrator for  Roland ,  Cucchi  is a music and piano teacher.  –  –  –

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