Amref to offer Covid 19 vaccination services

by Amref Health Africa

Amref Health Africa Tanzania  through  the ‘Afya Kamilifu’ project  has extended  its services  by  including  COVID -19  vaccination services  to  supplement the  support  the government efforts of  reaching majority of the  population with the service.

The Five year project ‘Afya Kamilifu’ project commenced in the past four years   through the sponsorship of the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), through Tanzania Center for Disease Control (CDC).

The Project was specifically meant for immunization services, treatment, HIV/AIDS care as well as preventive circumcision, but it will now provide Covid-19 vaccine in Mara  region as an additional service.

“The sponsor has allowed Covid19 vaccine to be  included  in the project as an additional service in Mara  region ,”  said the Project Director, Dr Edwin Kilimba, yesterday during Amref’s first quarter meeting.

He said that the project has been also run in Zanzibar, Tanga and Simiyu regions, stressing that covid-19 figh services are only in Mara.

He clarified that all about such an additional service is to support the Tanzanian government in the fight of covid-19 and smoothly achieve its development goals.

It was further noted that due to additional tasks (covid-19), Amref is set to have 700 service providers by next month, from the current 568.

The center for services, especially for covid-vaccination will be also increased so as to set the services close to people, said Dr Kilimba.

Commenting on the first quarter meeting that took place in Musoma District, Dr Kilimba said that it was specifically to identify all possible challenges of the project and come up with immediate solutions.

It is eradication of the challenges that will serve in attaining the project’s goals, mostly expansion of the services for HIV suppression drugs, hence, completely eradicating the scourge, by 2030.

According to him, ‘Afya Kamilifu’ services have been provided at 90 centers in Mara, including capacity building training to service providers on the collection, submission, preservation as well as provision of accurate information to the targeted people, and in time.

Mara Regional Medical Officer (RMO), Dr Juma Mfanga, expressed his gratitude to Amref for efforts to support the Tanzanian government towards improvements in health services through ‘Afya Kamilifu’.

He at the same time commended the Tarime, Rorya and Serengeti Councils as well as Musoma Municipality, for smooth covid-19 vaccination services.

“The step has enabled the Region to have been ranked the second at national level. Keep it up,” appreciated the RMO.

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