Support community health workers, Dodoma residents urged

by Amref Health Africa

DODOMA residents have been urged to give maximum support to Community-based Health Workers (CHW), who have decided to join hands to help the government to implement different health interventions at the grassroots level.

The advice was issued during one-day training held here and was attended by 129 Community Health Workers from the different wards of Dodoma region. The training organised by Steps Tanzania, aimed at equipping them with knowledge and skills to help the government on creating awareness about Covid-19 vaccination.

Speaking to reporters, Community Health Coordinator for Dodoma Regional Medical Officer’s Office, Mary Kongola said the cadre must be valued and given all required cooperation to ensure they fulfill their responsibilities.

Ms Kongola hinted that during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic the group was in the front line in creating awareness after being given various seminars and training to add their acquaintance about the disease.

“The role of CHW must be recognised and appreciated in the society, we equipped them with relevant knowledge and skills about eruptive diseases including Covid-19 and Tuberculosis,” she said.

She expressed that sometimes the cadre faces a hard time during their daily operation due to the fact that some community members are reluctant to offer cooperation to them when they are approached.

On his side, CHW team leader. Maiga Musiba added that communities’ elders must be collaborative when the community health workers knocked the doors for the health awareness related issues.

Citing an example of Covid-19 vaccination, Maiga said that in some parents become the stumbling block because they threaten their daughters and sons not to be vaccinated despite the education provided to them.

“Before anything, we approach them with awareness sessions, but some parents refuse the family members to be vaccinated despite the fact that all are willing,” he cited.

Also, he vowed that the team will continue to support the government in ensuring the community stays safe and away from epidemic diseases.

On her side, Jane Frank a community health worker from Makole Ward said that sometimes they encountered questions from the members of the community that may lead to frustration.

Earlier, the Executive Director of Steps Tanzania Dr Cyprian Magere said that the organisation in collaboration with AMREF implements community health interventions, especially to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS by targeting people with chronic diseases, disabilities, and special groups in communities that are at high risk of contracting the disease

“We have great faith through this training is going to bring productivity to the community especially in this period we continue to fight Covid-19, we want all community members to be aware and take precautions,” said Bugere.

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