Amref International University Secures USD 5 Million from Proparco to Advance Health Workforce Training in Africa

by Amref Health Africa

Amref International University (AMIU), a subsidiary of Amref Health Africa, has entered into a landmark partnership with Proparco, the French development finance institution, securing USD 5 Million (Ksh 650 Million) financing for developing its new campus. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing competent health workforce training across Africa.

This loan to AMIU is dedicated to financing Phase Two of constructing its new campus in the north of Nairobi. Construction of Phase One started in June 2023 with Amref Health Africa and its partners investing about $25 Million (Ksh 3.2 Billion) and is expected to be completed by February 2025. Proparco’s financing will facilitate the timely completion of Phase Two, which has the potential to increase the student capacity of the new campus from 2,000 students to 10,000 students in both physical and virtual learning to meet the ever-increasing demand for health workforce training, reflecting both local and international demand of health services.

While training has always been integral to Amref’s mission, AMIU was created as an applied health sciences university to develop a health workforce to drive equitable access to primary health care across Africa. AMIU focuses on health workforce training, health research and innovation, and extension in health sciences, emphasising promotive, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative health.

The investment by Proparco will play a crucial role in enhancing health workforce training by expanding AMIU’s capacity to provide high-quality training to health professionals in the disciplines of nursing, reproductive health, community and public health in addition to specialized disciplines like physiotherapy and other rehabilitative medicine. This development will increase the number of trained health professionals in Africa and improve access to quality healthcare services across the continent in line with the Universal Health Coverage agenda. AMIU’s new campus will be equipped with state-of-the-art teaching facilities and cutting-edge technology, ensuring students receive a comprehensive and modern education meeting international standards.

Professor Joachim Osur, the Vice Chancellor of Amref International University, emphasized the transformative impact of this investment, stating, “This partnership with Proparco demonstrates our collective commitment to improving primary care health workforce education in Africa. With the development of our new campus, we will be able to train more health professionals equipped with the skills and knowledge to address the unique health challenges facing our communities. This investment will enable us to offer innovative, community-driven solutions that will enhance the resilience of our healthcare systems to increasing health threats.”

“Health workforce is the essential foundation for quality and equitable primary healthcare, which underpins Universal Health Coverage. Amref Health Africa’s investment in AMIU is a testament to its unwavering commitment to achieving lasting health change in Africa,” said Dr Githinji Gitahi, the Group CEO, Amref Health Africa.

Prof. Charles Okeahalam, the International Board Chairperson of Amref Health Africa and also Chair of the Board of Trustees for AMIU highlighted the broader implications of the investment, saying, “The collaboration between AMIU and Proparco represents a significant step forward in our mission to strengthen healthcare in Africa. By investing in the education and training of the health workforce, we are investing in the future of our continent. This new campus will serve as a hub for innovation and excellence in health education, fostering a new generation of leaders who will drive positive change in their communities and beyond.”

Françoise Lombard, the CEO of Proparco, remarked, “We are thrilled to partner with Amref Health Africa, and AMIU, a higher education institution and a subsidiary of Amref Health Africa, whose vision to make lasting health change in Africa echoes Proparco’s ambitions on the continent. The development of the new campus in Nairobi will allow the training of an increased number of health workers in Kenya and Africa, and eventually contribute to reducing inequalities in access to quality and affordable education and health services in Africa.”

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