Strengthening Health Systems in Kenya with Amref Health Africa

by Amref Health Africa

The Moderna Charitable Foundation is dedicated to promoting public health and furthering access to quality healthcare, particularly in underserved populations. This World Health Day, we are proud to announce a new, multi-year grant awarded to Amref Health Africa (Amref) to enhance health systems and improve access to healthcare services in Kenya’s Nakuru and Nyeri Counties.

“As we reflect on World Health Day and the call to champion the right of everyone to have access to quality healthcare, we are grateful to once again partner with Amref to foster equitable healthcare access in Africa,” said Shannon Thyme Klinger, President of the Moderna Charitable Foundation.

This grant extends the Moderna Foundation’s existing partnership with Amref and aims to address three critical areas. First, to help fortify the health workforce, Amref aims to train approximately 1,100 healthcare professionals, community health workers, and leaders to enhance proficiency for immediate and long-term health system improvements. Second, the organization seeks to provide comprehensive care by integrating primary health services, making a range of preventive, promotive, and curative care easily accessible, especially in remote areas. Finally, by emphasizing the importance of data in guiding decisions, this program intends to optimize health system performance, influencing policy formation, resource allocation, quality improvement initiatives, disease surveillance and beyond.

Acknowledging the unique health challenges in Nakuru and Nyeri, Amref’s approach addresses the specific needs of these regions. From managing the health complexities of a growing Nakuru to expanding primary care in the rural stretches of Nyeri, Amref will co-create solutions with local communities to tackle immediate gaps while strengthening the health system for the long term. Amref is the largest Africa-based healthcare nonprofit, serving more than 30 million people every year across 35 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Their work focuses on making affordable, high-quality healthcare accessible in African communities.

The Moderna Charitable Foundation first partnered with Amref in 2022 to support efforts to improve COVID-19 vaccination coverage in Kenya, focusing on vulnerable and hard-to-reach communities in counties most impacted by the pandemic. As we celebrate the two-year anniversary of the Foundation, our relationship with Amref is a testament to the power of public and private partnership in the pursuit of health equity. We are proud to continue our support, reflecting our shared belief in the importance of quality healthcare for all.

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