Amref Health Africa Holds 1st Regional Dialogue on the Progress of UHC in Africa

by Amref Health Africa

July 29, 2019: Cairo, Egypt:  The first Regional Dialogue on the Africa Health Agenda set a bold agenda for the Africa Health Agenda 2021 which is aligned to the key outputs from the AHAIC2019 in March 2019 shared in the Communique where more than 1,800 participants from over 47 countries convened in Kigali Rwanda between March 3- 7 2019 at the third Biennial Africa Health Agenda International Conference (AHAIC). The participants were drawn from all sectors; scientists and researchers, government leaders, parliamentarians, development partners, private sector, civil society, youth, advocates for health, media, health practitioners and community health workers. 

It is in the heart of the upcoming conference’s preparations the co-organizers met with member state representatives of the African Union to discuss on possible agenda items that ought to be addressed for countries to accelerate progress towards UHC in Africa as well as frame priorities for the Africa Health Agenda Dialogues planned over the next year leading up the AHAIC2021.

“Strengthening health systems and in particular Leadership, Management and Governance; and increasing the number of adequately trained health care workers is key to deliver quality primary health care services to hasten the attainment of UHC”, said Dr. Githinji Gitahi, the Global CEO of Amref Health Africa.

During this session the proposed theme for AHAIC 2021 which is Africa Health Agenda for Country-led Actions to Advance UHC: Opportunities and Challenges was highlighted. Key on the agenda at the conference cohosted by Amref and the Ministry of Health Rwanda was sharing of experiences, achievements, knowledge and recommendations on how Africa can accelerate attainment of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). This was in line with the theme; UHC 2030 Now: Multi-sectoral Action to Achieve Universal Health Coverage in Africa. 

“It is essential to engage and work closely together with the  Africa Union member state representatives, CDC Africa  among others to ensure that Africa’s health agenda is reflected and discussed during the Africa Health Agenda 2021,” added Dr Githinji Gitahi.

The dialogues aimed at engaging key stakeholders in the health sector across the continent to help define a common African Health Agenda will be held regionally in Malawi, Senegal and Ethiopia from 2019 through to 2020.

These dialogues will focus on equitable access to critical health services for vulnerable groups such as women and children, health financing, innovative financing, transparency and accountability as well as political accountability.

The Africa Health Agenda 2021 will be held between 8 and 11 of March 2021 in Kigali, Rwanda in partnership with the Ministry of Health of Rwanda.

About The Africa Health Agenda International Conference (AHAIC)

AHAIC is a biennial conference led Amref Health Africa bringing together various stakeholders in the health sector ranging from Government officials, UN leadership, Non State Actors, Civil Society and private sector leaders, community and youth representatives from across Africa and around the world to exchange ideas and generate momentum around Universal Health Coverage in Africa. For more information visit:

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