Amref Scholarship Changed my Life: Kuresoi’s Story

by Amref Health Africa

In 2017, 16-year-old Kuresoi Kurembo completed his primary education and passed with flying colours. However, when his peers were joining secondary school, he was forced to repeat class eight not because he had failed, but due to lack of school fees.

Born and raised in a low-income household, Kuresoi lives with his family in the rural village of Iltilal, Kajiado County. His father is a herder.

For the second time in class eight, the brilliant boy passed his examination but still, he was staring at a bleak future because his parents could not afford to take him to secondary school. He scored 375 marks out of 500 in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam. He secured an invitation to join Olkejuado High School. However, his chances of pursuing his secondary education were slim. Life was not easy for him, and he had to join other Morans (initiated young men) herding cattle and goats, traversing the vast Maasai land in search of pasture.

When hope seemed to recede, his primary school headteacher informed Amref Health Africa of his situation, and luckily, he received a four-year school scholarship. In 2019, he was admitted to Olkejuado High School – a national school – and he is currently in Form Two.

Were it not for the scholarship programme, Kuresoi’s story could have been very different, “As a Moran, I was on the verge of marrying a young girl from my community,” he confirms.

Kuresoi was thrilled to be a recipient of Amref Health Africa scholarship programme that grants scholarships to needy and underprivileged children. “I am so happy. I want to score (above) A- grade in my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exam so that I can realise my dream of becoming a Chemical Engineer,” says an elated Kurembu.

The programme has given hope to other children, putting them on their toes to work hard so that they can benefit from the full secondary school scholarship.

Kurembu Parkipai, his father, is more than happy because his first-born would be herding cattle just like him. Instead, he will break the poverty circle through education. “I was very happy when my son passed his exams and happier when Amref supported him,” says Mr Parkipai. “The Amref team came to my homestead, picked my son and took him to school. I am so humbled,” he adds.

Kuresoi is now the greatest inspiration to his siblings and other children in the community. Education has changed his perspective of life and culture and widened his horizon. He wants to help his community and become a role model for other young boys who do not value education.

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