Medical emergency evacuation the solution to get you to hospital

by Amref Health Africa

Key lessons drawn from the coronavirus pandemic and 2020, in general, is that everyone needs to invest in their health no matter what social class you are in.

As cases of Covid-19 keep on rising, the health care system is getting overwhelmed every day and now counties outside Nairobi City are likely to start feeling the heat.

The government has put up measures to prevent further spread of the pandemic which now thrives at community transmission among them being instituting curfew hours between 9 PM to 4AM.

During this period a lot can happen, let’s take for example pregnant mothers who have been at the center of this pandemic for fearing to go to the hospital due to different reasons.

Sadly, a number have been recorded to have given birth from their homes since they were unable to move about at night or even find a means to get them to the nearest health facility.
Worse of a few cases have been reported of mothers who died in the process of giving birth in their homes.

Other diseases are also not waiting and can occur or worsen at any point of a day or night.
As a result you will need the best and easiest means to get you to a health facility before things worsen up.

That is why you need a caring partner like the emergency medical evacuation program to take care of your needs.

Through Standard Chartered Bank, all customers can sign up on the Emergency Medical Evacuation service at a 20 per cent discount.

Look at it as saving up for a rainy which has now become unpredictable especially during this pandemic. It is also a way of assuring your loved ones of a safety measure in case anyone gets sick.

How does this work?

  • Simply log in to the Standard Chartered webpage
  • And follow the link to register.
  • When you click it, a pop-up menu will come up asking if you are a Client of Standard Chartered Bank.
  • When you click YES, you will be directed to:
  • Where you can sign up for your preferential rate.

The emergency medical evacuation programs comes with different packages for clients. Maisha Bronze which applies in Kenya for both air and ground evacuation. Maisha Silver allows you to enjoy services in Kenya , Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Maisha Gold grants you access in Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi while Maisha Platinum gives you access while in Kenyan soil, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Standard Chartered Bank in partnership with AMREF, will be able to give their clients full access to unlimited emergency medical evacuation flights in a year through the Maisha Ambulance cover.

In addition, access to a 24hr Medical helpline anytime from anywhere for medical advice, unlimited ground ambulance transfers within Kenya and direct contact with AMREF Flying Doctors and medical professionals  without third party interference.

Even as the country is slowly going back to normal, securing a health evacuation plan will come in handy as you think of the next holiday for your loved ones outside Kenya.

The opportunity is here now with us. Sign up today to become a member of Standard Chartered Bank and enjoy a 20 per cent discount on this life saving program as well, as other benefits from the bank.

Article first published on Standard Media, Kenya.

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